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Undying Love

Thy love was not enough,

Not enough for my existence.

Thy love was not true;

Not true to be easily brittle.

The first we met;I to You,

A vision of heavenly home.

A wonder that of seven,

Kindling in my eyes.
Sparks:here and there,

Brightening my dark side,

I could smell an aroma of love,

A bud of love,arising from my limbs.
With that two killer eyes,have once killed,

Never knew that your heart a knife,

Piercing my heart into two;

Wounded,unwanted,misery and pain alongwith it comes.
Beyond the horizon,whenever I sense you,

Sometime,an hour, a minute, a second

Recalling the good old days,the time spent and share,

Those memories still haunting,more often.

Slicing my heart into two everytime:

Will remain and last forever until my death.

Dard Deewani(Meera)

​A night of June, rainy-windy, I recalled

My heart burst out with ebulition,

I still remember that old plumes,

When you entered my world,

With a thousands dreams.

The same night,where everything I lose,

In the very hour of being a Meera,to my Kanhaiyaa;

Relation that leaves me to be madly in love,

Within an hour bond, which never ever was mine.
Confronting each other,  we make Raasleela,

a union of two spirits as one,

Vermilion, I put in his name,

Enchanted as he kills with his eyes,

I let myself a slave,the unending night,

My eyes open, with  pain and love;

Sun was on the head,I searched;

I searched for my kanhaiyaa,

Reveal yourself,my heart cried out,

He disappeared,never to return;

I shed tears,still I believe,

He will return for his Meera.
It is the night,he appears to me a year back,

He will reveal himself again,

Putting a vermilion on,Red bindi,lipstick,kajal

 I dress myself,in the avatar of a bride;

Waiting for his appearance,to be embraced.

Awake, slowly,steadfastly, moving toward the bed,

I longed for our reunion,in the bosom of his arms;

with pumping heart, shyness reflecting on face,

Faster and faster it beats,as I wait for him;

He did not appeared the whole night,still I do not lose hope,
 But a message I received;

To be his “Dard-Deewani” forever.

A Blessing

The atmosphere remain silence…

The air was gonging with the sound

Of your coming again to my life 

And happy was I.
Never did I imagine 

Your coming so early,

Never did i wonder 

Your coming would be so pleasant.
Was confiine in my room 

Ran I to greet you,

Hopping,jumping,flying in the air

The moment you become my blessing.
I pray that you come again

To make me smile,

With the message that 

You are a blessing from God

Indeed you are.. Dear Rain

The first blessing ever received from God.

Songs of 🐦

I hear a song in my ears,of the birds

Singing out for another beautiful day

Amongst the branches of the neem tree

Flying up,flying down

Branches do they change

Dancing like Nataraj

Saraswati in voices

Together they sing in choruses.
Oh!birds of love,oh!birds of peace

Oh!voice that emancipate,

A voice that soothes.

Chirp~chirp it starts with,

Calls for a new day.
I long to hear,the voice so thrill

Through the journey of each passing night,

Waiting for the dawn,to hear the song in my ears

Once again all through the day.